Consultant Property Service

A service orientated to assist our clients both Non resident or resident in Spain- all the processes required when you buy or sell a property in our country.

Processes of Title Deeds and Mortgages

Our offices assist you and checks that the property is frere of charges and makes the administration of the basic service contracts for your property ( Water, Electricty or Community) for resale properties.We prepare the Title Deeds and completion of the same  before a Public Notary with a legal Power of Attorney.

Payment of Taxes

We administer different types of tax payments corresponding the Title Deeds, make the payment and presentation of the Tax forms to the appropriate authorities.

Registration in the Land Registry

We ensure that the deeds are registered correctly in the relevant land registry. We also present and make payment of the Tax on the Increase in value of Land known as “Plus Valia Tax in the appropriate Town Hall .

Advice on Fiscal Matters

The transfer of a property in Spain requires special attention when one or both parties do not live in Spain as the fiscal obligations are very different if they would live in our country. For this it is imperative to know the laws in this area and this is a service we offer to our clients.