Civil area


Complete advice on Inheritance law offering services from preparation of wills in our country, preparation of all the documents necessary for an Inheritance for both Spanish and Foreigners to the completion of the Title Deeds of Inheritance. All this includes fiscal advice on inheritance tax adapted to your particular situation


  • Drawing up of marriage files for Spanish and Foreign citizens.
  • We advise on matter of separation both by mutual agreement of contested , drawing up of agreements, Deeds of marital capitulations, divorces, affliations…


It involves everything related to Wealth, ownership rights, credit rights or economic claims to different Banking organisations or for negligence against any company.


Studying of contracts, drawing up of any type of private documents relating to contracting:
  • Contracts of sale and purchase
  • Contracts of Option to purchase.
  • Contracts of rental of property for permanent or temporary letting.
  • Contracts of rental for commercial units.
  • Contracts of agency.
  • Contracts of service.


Claims of Civil responsibility, both contractural and extra contractural, unfulfilment of contracts, agreements or proved promises. Urbanistic Law, claims to construction companies due to unfulfilments such as memory of qualities, build time, outstanding cancellations…


Demand civil responsibility from The Administration and Social Security after studying an evaluating the possibility of obtaining compensations when an client feels they have been treated negligently.

Commercial Area


Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts: Rentals, annual accounts, joint ventures, purchase or sale of machinery, agency contracts, logistics, service rental, foreign investments, due diligence, family protocols, competency and copyright.


Expansion and Reductions of capital, merger and acquisitions of companies, forms of participation in companies, agreements of shareholders, voting syndicates, constitution of Public Limited Companies, limited companies, cooperatives, secretary to the management board, drawing up of minutes and certificates, dealing with records of minutes, withdrawal of capital shareholders, negotiation in buying and selling companies or participation in companies.


  • Mediation in purchase and sale of companies. 
  • Negotiation and preparation of contracts related to company transfers:
    •  Letters of Intent.
    • Purchase sale.
    • Manifestations y Guarantees.
    • Bank guarantees.
    • Types of participation.
    • Entering of Capital Companies.
    • Risk.
    • Exit of Shareholders.

Criminal Law

Preparation of any type denouncement or demand, assistance to arrestees, intervention in any type of trial, summary trial and speedy trial. We assist in compensation claims due to traffic accidents or we assist in minor proceedings. We are involved in all areas of particular and defence accusations.

Aministrative Law


In the last years, the aspects related to Urbanism have had an important role in questions regarding the acquisition of properties. We assist in an area where the individual has not knowledge. We offer:Study the Urbanistic legality and defence of interests Assistance in the administration of proceedings and execution of urbanistic plans –compensation negotiations, , projects of sub division of land, Preparation of general planning, Plans of Urbanistic action, Partial plans, contesting of agreements, allegations and Land Grab… Preparation for the requirements or the merging and segregation of plots, rustic plots, declaration of new works and Horizontal Division Advice in the constitution or extinction of easements, joy for life….


Originated in the United States, it has gained popularity since entering Spain and the European Union and the signing by our country of various International Treaties. The continuing transposition of rulings obligates us to renew the knowledge in this area almost every day. Our services are offered to Public and private entities: Environmental prevention audits that may affect the company image. Preparation of permissions to the corresponding administration authorities. Preparation of official projects for the developing of panning and administration activities: Plans for natural resources, rector plans of use and administration, Red Natura 2000, Plans for the recovering of endangered species…